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We emerged into the Entertainment & Consumer Marketing business in 1990 and have since been recognized as innovative forward thinkers and leaders in the industry. 

We encompass twenty-five + years of the overall lead on product strategy, nationwide campaign promotion, brand marketing and artist development for PolyGram Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, & Bertelsmann Group Entertainment where product development and working with & sharing in the great successes of thirty certified platinum releases was the focus core.  

During this time, many accolades were achieved within the Recording Industry including “Marketing Executive for Major Label of the Year Award”, “Most Promising Marketing Executive of the Year Award” for three consecutive years by the most prominent industry publications as well as many editorial and cover stories in Billboard Magazine, Friday Morning Quarterback, Radio and Records, Hits Magazine, and All Access. 

Later making a massive imprint within the advertising and corporate product & service industries leading the ideation & strategic marketing teams for Cornerstone Agency Inc., a life-style entertainment marketing agency based in New York, IEG Inc. in Chicago, a sponsorship measurement & evaluation company, and in late 2005 started Platform One Entertainment LLC; an experiential, influential multimedia marketing company that developed, executed and bridged marketing campaigns for music artists, consumer product groups, entertainment properties and many charitable organizations on a national level. 

Hinged by this framework, Aim & Amplify continues the work and dedication delivering unprecedented strategy & pinnacle results to the bottom line for Fortune 500, Boutique brands, new start-ups and under performing companies across the globe in authentic, meaningful & engaging ways.




Charities / Properties

Starbucks allen stone

“Find out how the power of combining Starbucks with a national recording artist at an event in one of the hottest spots of Chicago, helped launch and generate massive exposure, genuine social content & outstanding engagement for the Starbucks VIA brand.”


In anticipation of launching their new “Via” product, Starbucks was looking for a creative strategy to help fuel the campaign, and gain massive exposure. By integrating a full stage partnership with musician Allen Stone, leveraging the power of entertainment during a Chicago rush hour was a huge success.

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Hot Chocolate – Allstate

“Read about how & why we paired Allstate Insurance with Ram Racing’s “Hot Chocolate 15/5k” Chicago event; while also gaining insight on the results yielded by partnering Chicago’s largest insurance company with Chicago’s largest running event


Developed the strategy to help boost Allstate’s brand. Allstate wanted to showcase their responsibility to the community and healthy wellbeing lifestyle. By integrating them as key sponsor for Ram Racing’s Hot Chocolate Event in Chicago, we succeeded in fulfilling their message and helped generate genuine leads, driving people to agent offices.

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JVC Elationawolnation

“See how we helped JVC launch their new brand of hi-fidelity headphones, injected excitement in the US marketplace & established authentic credibility with music fans, by partnering up with Platinum Artist Awolnation across 14 major US markets and in over 10 million households via Comcast Xfinity.”


Developed the strategy for JVC’s hashtag #ElationAwolnation initiative, to re-establish JVC as a viable contemporary high quality brand. Drove awareness to new product, ultimately driving sales to retail. Secured all partnerships and acted as key quarterback, during the 8month launch of the JVC Elation Hi-Fidelity Headphones, across 14 US Markets.

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Ambassador program

Through our hundreds of dedicated Aim & Amplify Campus & Brand Ambassadors in both Major and Secondary markets around the country, we promote our brands’ products and services using viral and grass root marketing initiatives targeting both college campuses and the surrounding community.
Further, we fortify a bridge for brands to plug into the coveted 18-34 yr old market by utilizing carefully customized, developed and executed on-site marketing campaigns designed to raise visibility and awareness through a multitude of exciting activation platforms.

Our team WILL move the needle in the most authentic, electrifying ways.
Our army of socially connected Ambassadors delivers products & messaging to all the most influential student organizations on campus including: fraternities & sororities, varsity, club & IM sports, student government, student TV & radio, campus programming boards, student activity boards, theater & performance groups, faith-based student groups, cultural & ethnic student groups, charity & service groups, private and public events and more. Additionally, our campus reps meet with university bookstores, popular campus bars, clubs, music venues, record stores, bookstores, lifestyle stores & general retailers to sample and showcase our artists and brands to student consumers.

Aim & Amplify specializes in building and activating grassroots networks to execute non-traditional , cutting edge marketing initiatives and embraces word of mouth to market brands virally.
Aim & Amplify’s expertise is in the understanding of street psychology and how word-of-mouth networks and buzz hierarchies begin and spread.
Through our street & field marketing division, Aim & Amplify attracts potential consumers by executing customized cutting edge strategic campaigns with sales driven initiatives that will contribute to the overall goal of increased visibility and ROI, particularly to this meaningful and influential target audience.
Aim & Amplify meticulously selects individuals to serve as brand ambassadors for our clients. Our ambassadors are outgoing, energetic and connected to the local scene. They are trendsetters who share a common voice with the target audience of our brands, making them a trusted source of opinion and information among a targeted de mographic.
Aim & Amplify’s brand ambassadors activate all existing digital properties and affiliates for our clients, as well as connects with potential new outlets through blogs, original content, social networks, digital media, retailers, forums, video communities, online forums, message boards, microsite development and other niche portals. Whether intended to build or reposition a brand, capture vital customer data for future use, or even generate leads and sales, our ambassador digital integration produce measurable results on a global level. We are driven to achieve brand objectives through customized online campaigns while staying fully integrated and consistent with any existing marketing and sales activity.


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